Sen. Tim Scott Raises $1M In 24 Hours Just In Time For Second Round Of GOP Debates

Sen. Tim Scott Raises $1M In 24 Hours Just In Time For Second Round Of GOP Debates

Things are looking up for Sen. Tim Scott in his hopes for the White House.

In just 24 hours, Scott raised $1 million for his presidential campaign just one week ahead of the second GOP debates, The Hill reports. With Scott trailing behind his Republican opponents, the massive fundraising effort gives his chance at the Oval Office a boost in national polling.

His numbers had a positive look in Iowa after announcing his relationship with “a lovely Christian girl.” However, he still has his work cut out for the debate set in Simi Valley, California. Scott’s campaign spokesperson, Matt Gorman, said in a statement that the candidate’s debate tactics will surround policy outlooks.

“Tim looks forward to being back on the debate stage to draw the serious policy distinctions between the candidates,” Gorman said.

“Whether it be the economy, parental rights, or his vision for the country, Tim is prepared to have a conversation with voters, be the adult in the room, and demonstrate why he is the strongest candidate to beat Joe Biden.”

A memo was sent out to potential donors as speculation of poll numbers started to spark, according to Politico. Ahead of the second debate, the Republican National Committee requires candidates to prove the support of at least 50,000 donors and 3% support in two qualifying national polls or a combination of one national poll and polls from two early states. Scott’s campaign manager, Jennifer DeCasper, points out polls showing Scott having “the best net favorability score among the candidates — regardless of the state.” “I’m here to tell you to ignore the noise and focus on the facts in front of us,” DeCasper wrote.

“I’d encourage you to remember that these nights are merely a single moment in time. Any candidate who hopes to truly capitalize on it must be disciplined and built for the long haul.”

Luckily for Scott and the other candidates, Republican head honcho Donald Trump is reportedly skipping the second debate on Sept. 27 to speak in front of union workers in Detroit regarding talks of a major autoworkers strike.

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