Sephora’s Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands According to Beauty Director Myiesha Sewell

Sephora’s Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands According to Beauty Director Myiesha Sewell

There are countless beauty products on the market to dibble and dabble in but, unfortunately, not all of them are created equally or designed with black women in mind–despite the $473 million contribution black shoppers made to the $4.2 trillion haircare and beauty industry in 2018, according to a 2018 Nielsen report.

Over the last couple of years, women like Pat McGrath, Rihanna, Melissa Butler, and a number of beauty entrepreneurs have been making their mark on the industry. And getting their products on the shelves of major retailers has been a priority.

If you’ve ever walked into a Sephora store and looked for beauty and wellness products designed for black women and couldn’t find them, Beauty Director Myiesha Sewell wants to help you fix that. We recently caught up Sewell about her journey at the company as a millennial boss who is doing it for the culture. And she shared a few goodies that you can add to your holiday list.

“One of the things that I am passionate about is scouting brands. So, I have close relationships with the merchants. I feel like our mission right now is making sure that we are scouting more black-owned brands because they are not that many when you think about it ratio-wise,” said Sewell.

With that being said, she put together a working list of her favorite black-owned beauty brands that you can find at Sephora as you make your list, check it twice, and find out who’s been nice enough to get a gift off of her list of favorites this holiday season!

Black-owned Beauty Brands at Sephora

Briogeo by Nancy Twine, Healthy Hair Game Kit

Healthy Hair Game Kit


One of the first things I read about Nancy, the founder of Briogeo, was that her grandmother was the beauty guru in their neighborhood and that she made custom mixtures. Nancy took those recipes and created clean certified products. The Healthy Hair Game Kit (for all hair types) is a good intro to the brand. It’s a really good gift to give. During the holidays, people are traveling a lot and can come home depleted. That’s when you should think about giving yourself and hair a recharge day.

Pat McGrath Labs by Pat McGrath, Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette – Iconic Illumination

Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette – Iconic Illumination  (Image: Sephora)

The Pat McGrath Labs holiday collection is killing it! The Iconic Illumination palette has this beautiful gold, burgundy, and champagne colors. If somebody wanted to dip their toe into luxury, and support a black-owned brand, especially someone with deep skin—the burgundy is going to be really great. Her packaging looks super glitzy and it’s a really nice gift.

Fenty Beauty by Rhianna, Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set

Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set (Image: Sephora)

The Fenty Beauty mini gloss bomb set has everyone talking. There are five shades, so you can take your favorite and gift them to other people! They’re gorgeous and very exclusive to our holiday collection.

Golde by Trinity Mouzon Wofford, Turmeric Tonic Blend Sachet Trio Set

Turmeric Tonic Blend Sachet Trio Set (Image: Sephora)

Golde is s a wellness brand based in Brooklyn. They have a turmeric tonic blend that is similar to moon juice. If you’re stressed out at night you want to go home and have something to calm you down, like a turmeric latte that has CBD in it or something, is really nice. Wellness is really big right now, and I haven’t really seen any black women playing in that category. Serving Golde’s tonic as part of your holiday dinner could be really nice and give guests the recharge that they need.

Want more black-owned brands to add to your holiday list? Buy Black here.