5 Career-Building Things to Do During the Sequester

5 Career-Building Things to Do During the Sequester

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One of the hottest topics in government revolves around federal budget cuts and the upcoming sequestration season that will result in many federal employees taking furlough days. With major budget cuts happening anytime between now and September 2013, many workers are wondering if they will in fact be affected and what they should do if forced to take a few days off of unpaid leave. Below are five career-boosting things that all professionals can do if directly affected by the sequestration.


Stay informed: The sequestration may affect more employees than it does others, but it’s still best to stay abreast of the news as it revolves around the major budget cuts that are taking place. If you are in fact affected, pay close attention to what days you will be mandated to take off and for how long.

Budget your finances: Let the national deficit be a teaching lesson for all that budgeting your finances is beyond important. Even if you aren’t forced to take unpaid days off, still make plans to monitor your spending closely and get in the habit of being financially smart in case any monetary emergencies do take place.

Focus on outside career goals: If you are forced to take furlough days, use those days wisely and devote time to any career goals that you have set for yourself outside of your day job. Whether it pertains to you making steps towards starting your own business, applying to a part-time job, getting more involved in your community or finding another job all together, use your time off to do something that you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Connect with mentors and like-minded professionals: Rather than sitting in the house with nothing to do, use your time off to reach out to an old mentor that you’ve been meaning to connect with, or another professional that you’ve been meaning to link up with for lunch. Sparking these connections will keep your mind off the budget cuts and help you to stay motivated professionally.

Indulge in an activity you enjoy: The best way to deal with an unfavorable situation is to do something that you love doing to help counter the negative with the positive. On your days off, indulge in an activity within your budget that you love to do but rarely have the time because of your busy work schedule. Not only will this make you happy, but it will also rejuvenate your spirit as you return back to work in the coming days.