Serena Williams Turns Up the Glamour on Cover of New York Magazine

Serena Williams Turns Up the Glamour on Cover of New York Magazine

Serena Williams is one of the most renowned athletes in the world who’s currently experiencing one of the best seasons of her life but, regardless of the prolonged success, the star’s grind doesn’t stop there. In a recent interview with New York Magazine, not only does Williams stun on the cover but she briefly describes the importance of preparing for life after tennis.

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The 33-year-old athlete and serial entrepreneur  keeps the revenue streams fluid– with her tennis salary/winnings accounting for $11.4 million of her estimated $24.6 million total net worth, according to Forbes.

When she’s not making money on the court, she’s racking up profit through her HSN clothing deal, titled the ‘Serena Signature Statement Collection,’ and her various brand endorsements which total $13 million.

Want to take private tennis lessons with Serena Williams? Well, now you can. Added to her entrepreneurial portfolio is an online tennis masterclass where, for a small fee, you too can learn her award-winning techniques, court fundamentals, and participate in interactive assignments.

Should she win the U.S. Open next month, she will have obtained all four grand slams in a  year, solidifying her reputation as the greatest women’s player of all time and making her a serious contender for the greatest athlete of her generation.

“I have to go into New York thinking, ‘listen, I want to win the U.S. Open. I want to defend my title,’” Williams told the magazine in July. “Hopefully, people will be cheering me on to, like, push me over the edge, give me that extra strength I need to go for this historic moment,” she added.

Cheer they will, but despite her wins and potential wins, Williams makes it clear she wants to be remembered for more than simply her trophies, as she continues to leave her entrepreneurial mark on the world.