Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless Have ‘Undisputed’ Argument Live On Air

Things got a little heated on a recent episode of Undisputed when Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless engaged in a discussion that wasn’t particularly cordial.

On Monday’s episode, while the two were discussing Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady’s latest game, Bayless repeatedly threw shade at Sharpe by reminding him that Brady is still playing at 45. Then reminding the former football player that at 35, Sharpe didn’t match the high playing level of Brady at 45.

In response, Sharpe, clearly agitated, jumped back at Bayless and reminded him that he is a three-time Super Bowl champ and in the NFL Hall of Fame. Bayless goaded Sharpe by stating that Brady is a better football player than Sharpe (although they play completely different positions on the field).

The intensity of the conversation was at the highest the audience had seen on camera. Many Twitter users and sports fans agreed with Sharpe since Bayless is sometimes known to get personal. His targets are usually LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, among others.

After Sharpe critiqued Brady for having a bad game, it seemed Bayless took it personally and went after Sharpe.

“Brady’s still playing at a high level at 45 when you had to stop at 35, that’s the point!” Bayless shouted at Sharpe.

To which the Hall of Famer responded, “That’s what you do. Every time I call something into question, I’m ‘jealous.’ Skip, I did what I did. You make it seem like I was a bum! I’m in the effing Hall of Fame. I’ve got three Super Bowls.”

“So what?” Bayless replied. “He’s way better than you were.”

“See what you do, you take personal shots,” said Sharpe, who had gotten so frustrated that he took off his glasses in disgust.

“You’re willing to take a personal shot at me to say this man is better than me because I say he’s playing bad this year?” Sharpe asked.

“You disrespect him. It’s beneath your dignity,” Bayless said.

“You would disrespect me to support him!” Sharpe stated.