‘Why Is It Taking So Long?’: Shanquella Robinson’s Friend Outraged Over Lack of Progress in Finding Justice

‘Why Is It Taking So Long?’: Shanquella Robinson’s Friend Outraged Over Lack of Progress in Finding Justice

The beating death of Shanquella Robinson captivated the world, due to the fact that her death took place while she was on vacation with friends.

On Jan. 9, her family and friends celebrated what would have been her 26th birthday. According to WBTV, the family still has questions about what happened in Mexico on that fateful day on Oct. 29, 2022.

Robinson was on a birthday trip with several friends and died after being beaten, an act that was captured on a mobile phone camera. The video that went viral showed another American woman beating a defenseless Robinson at the villa she and her friends were vacationing at. During the video, no one came to help her. A man’s voice can be heard saying to her, “Can you at least fight back?”

Questions have arisen about why none of Robinson’s friends intervened or tried to stop the altercation, instead of just filming or watching it.

The victim’s childhood friend, Kayla Mitchell, spoke about the gruesome crime and how she had been looking forward to Robinson’s bright future.

“I just couldn’t believe someone will be capable of doing something like this, and not only to her, like, it was just crazy because I was actually you know, watching her story, like seeing that she’s enjoying her time. So, it’s just like how did it just go left? Like, devastated. Devastated,” Mitchell stated.

“She was so young, she had so much more life to live. Like we were planning to work together like just so much was coming. Like her prosperity, her business was booming, like it was just so much she had to look forward to.”

Mexican authorities are still investigating, and the FBI is also on the case, yet the family hasn’t seen any progress in getting justice for Robinson.

“What is going on? What’s the progress, what’s in motion? Like, what’s the timeline? That’s my question,” Mitchell said. “It’s been months now. We don’t have any real updates, no progress as we see you know, we’re all wondering why is it taking so long?”

Mitchell does, however, have a message to those who are responsible for Robinson’s death and did nothing to help her.

“You can’t run away from justice. God is a just God. So, whatever you do, when people are not around, God sees it and that’s the ultimate…like you have to go through him, and you can’t get away from him and his justice.”

There was also a recent statement given to WBTV from the Robinson family:

“On behalf of the Robinson and the Long family, thank you all for the outpouring of support. In my sister’s untimely demise three months ago, unfortunately, no one has been arrested, and the investigation of this case is still on going. Please continue to support and stand with us in solidarity in this journey/fight for justice for Shanquella.”