Shaq Gets Stopped by Houston Cops and Turns the Traffic Stop into a Hilarious Intro For ‘NBA on TNT’

Only Shaquille O’Neal could turn a traffic stop into a hilarious publicity opportunity.

The NBA Hall-of-Famer was in Houston looking for some real estate and was driving a little too fast, KENS 5 reports. That’s when Officer Miles of the Houston Police Department pulled Shaq over for speeding.

Instead of making a scene and getting a ticket, Shaq gave Officer Miles a chance at fame and filmed a new intro for NBA on TNT, which the 50-year-old co-hosts.

Officer Miles took Shaq up on his offer, resulting in a fast friendship and hilariously viral moment.

“I’m Officer Miles with Houston PD, I just pulled over Shaquille O’Neal for speeding down here in Texas,” Miles said. “You’re watching the NBA on TNT.”

In the video, the NBA legend can be seen shaking his head in comedic disbelief before the camera pans to flashing police lights showing Shaq was in trouble with the law.

This is not the first time the seasoned police officer has worked with Shaq.

Chron reported back in 2020, O’Neal and Miles ate dinner together at The Union Kitchen, as well as covering funeral costs for Jazmine Barnes, who was shot and killed in Harris County at just 7-years-old.

Growing up in San Antonio, O’Neal apparently expressed interest in working with police. Back in 2021, Shaq became the director of community relations for the Henry County Sheriff’s office in Georgia, Chron reported.

At seven-foot-one, Shaq seems to never hide from a good time or helping people.

Last December, Shaq made headlines when he paid for customers’ meals at the Kenny & Ziggy’s Restaurant in Houston.

Before that, a viral video on social media showed O’Neal randomly asking a kid in Walmart if he had a bike. When the kid responded “No,” he told the little boy to ask his mom if he could buy him a bike. “Whenever I go to a store, from now on, I’m buying somebody else something,’ Shaq said. “Everyday I leave the house, I have to bless somebody.”

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