After Hearing a Female Rapper Made Over $50 Million, Shaq Wants to Open an OnlyFans Account
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After Hearing a Female Rapper Made Over $50 Million, Shaquille O’Neal Wants to Open an OnlyFans Account

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 22: Shaquille O'Neal attends Game Three of the Eastern Conference First Round between the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena on April 22, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

After hearing Bad Bhabie allegedly made over $53 million using the OnlyFans platform, former basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal jokingly stated that he, too, would join the platform.

Amid reports last week, Bhad Bhabie, the young woman who first appeared on the Dr. Phil Show several years ago as a troubled teenager, produced receipts showing she made $53 million from OnlyFans. The young girl’s appearance on the show quickly went viral after she told audience members “Catch me outside.”

The phrase instantly made her famous because it sounded more like “cash me ousside.” From then on, Bhad Bhabie became known as the “Cass me ousside” girl. She became an internet star turned rapper and now OnlyFans “model.”

According to Essentially Sports, on a recent episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” the former rapper, along with Anthony ‘Spice’ Adams and Nischelle Turner, discussed the viral sensation. After hearing the news of how much she allegedly profited on the platform, Shaquille O’Neal had an epiphany.

“I’ll tell you what. Nischelle, start me an OnlyFans and me, you and Spice will split it three-ways,” he said.

“No, for real, have your sister start an OnlyFans for my toes, and we’ll split the money three-ways. Nischelle, I’m serious. Have your girl set an OnlyFans for my toes. You know what we gonna call it? Toes before bros! No, no, no put OnlyFans /there’s toes in the house, there’s toes in this house.”

Whether the TNT announcer will actually open an account is unknown. But it looks like he’s not going anywhere near the poor house anytime soon. Just last month, the successful business owner expanded his fast-casual chicken restaurant franchise, Big Chicken, after inking a 50-unit deal in Texas.

According to QSR magazine, Big Chicken will open shop in four of the largest Texas markets: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.