Sharon Gill Shares Her Mentor Matchmaking Mixer Experience

Sharon Gill Shares Her Mentor Matchmaking Mixer Experience

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I was sponsored by ADP, the title sponsor for the Black Enterprise Women of Power Mentor Matchmaking Mixer, and I could not be more honored.

First and foremost, I met some amazing women who greatly enhanced the experience for me. I learned as much from them as from the talented conference speakers themselves. Oftentimes as professionals and leaders, you can feel isolated from similarly talented women. This experience allowed me to associate and make connections with powerful women of color.

As a business coach, I was also able to share tactics and tips with women who were climbing the corporate ladder or who were entrepreneurs, and hopefully added some value for them. I enjoyed the words of wisdom from Bishop Vashti McKenzie, who kicked things off for me and whose truths I wrote down in my journal.

As a guest of ADP, I was also able to have breakfast with their team and also picked up nuggets of gold from the women. One such nugget reminded me of the importance of being early for a meeting, not on time, but early. This is an area I struggle with and a discipline I have paid closer attention to based on the conference.

I enthusiastically recommend the Women of Power conference to women, especially women of color who are looking to elevate their game and make great connections; then this is the conference for you!


Sharon Gill is the chief operations officer of Gill Law Firm. She is responsible for the operational oversight of the firm including policies and procedures; staff development and personnel issues; quality assurance and auditing. She is also the author of the ebook, “Comeback With Confidence.” She is a graduate of the Minority Business Executive Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and a 2013 summa cum laude graduate with a degree in Organizational Development and Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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