Shaun King Says He’s Moving Out Of His Swanky $840K House After Fraud Allegations

Shaun King Says He’s Moving Out Of His Swanky $840K House After Fraud Allegations

Activist and writer Shaun King is reportedly moving out of his $842K home that some believe was bought with donations from his social media followers. 

King posted on Instagram that he’s moving because strangers are coming by his lakefront New Jersey home after pictures of it were circulated online last weekend. Word got around quickly on social media that his family had purchased the near million-dollar home. Many users expressed skepticism about where the money came from. 


King went on to explain in his recent post that his wife bought the home—not him. 

“My wife bought this home, her first, after working her a– off for 20+ years. It took nearly a year to even be able to purchase it,” King said. “It was a quiet and peaceful refuge for her, for our 5 kids, for the dogs, and for our mothers. And it wasn’t excessive. Again, she got a literal FHA loan to purchase it. I’m not even on the loan.”

Some folks aren’t convinced and haven’t been for a while. 

In June, Tamir Rice’s mother, Samaria, called King a “clout chaser” after he raised $60,000 in honor of her son, yet didn’t receive the funds until the courts got involved. 

Last weekend, tweeters called King out for asking users to send his wife, Rai, donations that he claimed would “really surprise her and alleviate some pressure as she has less than two years of school!”

Rai hopped on Instagram during the net-wide conversation to dispute the claims of fraud regarding their new house. 

“My hope for every little girl Black girl is that you grow up, get an education (if that’s your path) find love (if that’s your path) and fulfill every dream you have… Including home ownership,” her post started. 


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“I know we mostly lack the generational wealth that allows our parents to gift us down payments from homes like other communities. And I know there are racist, predatory systems that set up barriers all along the way…,” she continued. “But eventually, I hope you’re in a place where YOUR OWN hard work, determination, education, and gainful employment allow you to purchase the most beautiful, lovely, sweet home YOUR OWN money can buy.”