She Did That! 5 Black Girl Bosses Who Got You Covered For The Holidays

The holidays are just right around the corner, but it is never too late to buy and give Black.

From herb-infused honey and vegan hot sauce to tote bags and gift boxes, these Black women bosses behind these products are shining and doing it well. They invite you to not only be part of their unique stories but to shop where it matters.

Take a look and add them to your Christmas list!

Makuyo Nettey

Makuyo Netty
(Photo: Christopher Wells/Content by Chris)

HBCU grad Makuyo Nettey is the creative alchemist behind Siika Honey and Herba brand deeply rooted in intention and in honor of her family’s matriarchs. In her paternal Ga language, Siika translates to “wealth, luxury, or riches,” and takes inspiration from the real-world healing properties of honey and herbs, as well as everyday rituals, all with unity in mind. This boss brings her passion for traveling, uplifting Black women and men, and healing to her work.

The brand creates herb and honey infusions to remind you of the sweetness of life and tisanes (herbal teas) inspired by the African continent.

What to get: SIIKA Holiday Set ($49.99). Pair your choice of taste size honey and a taste size tisane with the brand’s limited edition clay mug, and 4-oz. candle.

Image: SIIKA Holiday Set / Credit: SIIKA Herb + Honey

Samantha Davis-Allonce

Samantha Allonce
(Photo: Hot N Saucy)

First-generation Jamaican-American Chef Samantha Davis-Allonce delivers a passion for spices and unexpected pairings with her Caribbean cuisine-influenced brand Hot N Saucy. After leaving a career in cancer research, Allonce landed in the food industry as a private chef for clients including Leslie Jones, RocNation, adidas, and The Daily Show.

Additionally, Davis-Allonce specializes in catering and consulting through her homegrown culinary business, Savor By SamFrom weeknight dinners to dinner parties and bridal and baby showers, this boss is at your service.

Today, Hot N Saucy offers a different take on classic hot sauces. The vegetable-based, vegan sauces offer bright and bold flavors like Carrot N Chipotle, Beet N Fresno, Garlic N Peperoncini, and Sweet Potato N Habanero.

What to get: Heat Your Veggies ($30.00). Pair your veggies with fiery peppers like Fresnos, Habaneros, and Ghost Peppers. Flavors of Hot N Saucy ($10.00) are available on Amazon and at retailers such as Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls)

. (Photo credit: Hot N Spicy)


Sherrill Mosee

Sherrill Mosee
(Photo: MinkeeBlue)

Sherrill Mosee, inventor and designer of MinkeeBlue, created a solution for what she calls the “overload bag syndrome,” and organizational fashion bag for busy women whose roles changed throughout the day. The former engineer-turned-entrepreneur stole hearts on America’s Big Deal, a first-of-its-kind, shoppable live competition series in 2021 and has since landed her products on Macy’s stores shelves across 10 locations and online.

MinkeeBlue offers stylish tote bags catered for lunch and shoes, vegan leather backpacks, and 2-in-1 convertible crossbody backpacks for your everyday go-to bag.

What to get? MinkeeBlue Nilah Tote Bag ($225). This tote includes a detachable money pouch, insulated lunch bag, shoe bag, and key fob.

Nilah Plum Tote (Image: MinkeeBlue)

Constance Panton

(Image courtesy of Constance Panton/Bifties)

Originally a 2016 gift exchange as a response to the killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Bifties has become the perfect holiday gift exchange that keeps on coming. While surviving depression, founder and CEO Constance Panton created a digital gifting shop for curated boxes and thoughtful products, all intentionally sourced from Black-owned and Afro-Latinx-owned brands.

What to get? “Bake It Happen” Gift Box ($95.00). This gift box includes The New Way to Cake by Benjamina Ebuehi, brass measuring cups with wooden handles, a unisex denim apron, and a personalized message on a blank card.

(Photo: Bifties)


Athena Klee

(Image courtesy of Trixsent)

Trixsent founder and mother of three Athena Klee devoted more than 10 years creating her own custom skin care formulas before releasing them to the world. The journey began shortly after struggling with depression and experiencing a powerful spiritual event. Klee emerged stronger, dedicating her life to helping people find their own health and happiness.

This Canadian-based skincare company will immerse you in antioxidants, fade those sunspots, and revel in refined and glowing skin with the naturally luxurious Forever Young Collection.

What to get? Forever Young Collection ($200.00 CAD). The bundle includes a vitamin C cleanser, vitamin C serum , vitamin C eye cream, and vitamin C cream.

Forever Young Collection (Image: Trixsent)