Shop Elsewhere

Q: My brother was shopping for a particular doll for his daughter at Christmas. The doll had two types: an African American version and a Caucasian version. The problem was the African American doll cost more than the other type. My brother mentioned it to the management who simply said that’s the way it is, take it or leave it. My brother didn’t purchase the doll. Can you offer other options?
-M. Biel, Via the Internet

A: Your brother did exactly the right thing: refuse to buy the doll and seek an alternative worthy of his consumer support and dollars. As a consumer, he has the choice to not only buy where he wishes, but to let his dollars and cents do the talking for him. To find African American dolls, ask family and friends for recommendations and log on to and addition, your brother could write a letter of complaint to both the store that carried the dolls as well as to the manufacturer of the dolls (make sure that the letter is addressed to a specific person, preferably the highest ranking company decision maker he can reach). Visit the following link for information about how to register a consumer complaint: