Art Supplies Manufacturer, LM Flowers, Skie Harris

Sisters Own First Black Woman-Owned Art Supplies Manufacturer In U.S.

Sis Art Supply products feature pigments that come in spring and melanin-inspired tones like "Eartha," "Mahalia," "Zaya," and "Assata."

In a pioneering move, two sisters have established the first woman-owned and artist-owned manufacturer of art supplies in the United States, Sis Art Supply.

LM Flowers and her younger sister, Skie Harris, launched this family-owned business. It offers “elegant and rich paint supply products for creatives across the world.” As stated on its website, “We value sisterhood, we value art…with two different styles of art and one mission, to create beauty…All of our products are of the highest quality and curated with creative hearts in mind.”

The sisters meticulously produce small batches of artisanal paints and pigments using traditional methods and premium ingredients. “Our paints are for creatives, wanderers, designers, and makers,” Sis Art Supply stated about its uniquely crafted colors. “They are for people looking for something different, people who are inspired by nature, and dreamers.”

Sis Art Supply’s range of products includes watercolor palettes, acrylics, paint brushes, and art pads. Their pigments come in primary, spring, and melanin-inspired tones like “Eartha,” “Mahalia,” “Zaya,” and “Assata,” which are available as coloring agents for artists to create their own paints.

On the company’s Instagram, followers raved about their favorite products. One user praised the “jumbo paint set. I adore all the shades of brown that allow me to blend the perfect skin tones! Best part is a little goes a long way; the quality of the paint is unmatched. Hands down, my favorite paint brand, and it’s a plus-plus that it’s Black women-owned!!” Another agreed on loving “all the shades of brown! I love the pigments of the colors! I want a travel watercolor set and some other items I’ve had my eye on!” The gloss 12-color set is a favorite for other art customers as it offers an easy mix and full coverage.

Flowers, a self-taught illustrator and visual artist, describes herself as “a creative for creatives.” As noted on her personal website, her artistic pursuits span content creation, cartooning, and children’s book publishing. Harris, a mom of three with a B.S. in Fine Arts, has forged her path as an educator, illustrator, and visual artist.

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