Sit Back And Relax In Your New Electric Massage Chair

Sit Back And Relax In Your New Electric Massage Chair

Those who have been to a spa at any point in their lives don’t need to be reminded about just how relaxing of an experience they enjoyed. A massage not only can do wonders for tense muscles and stubborn body parts, but it be just as beneficial to the mind.

While it would be ideal to visit the spa for a massage any time the need arose, doing so probably wouldn’t be the most financially prudent decision.

With the Electric Massage Chair with Bluetooth Music Headrest & U-Shaped Pillow, you can bring the spa-like benefits home to you. For a limited time, you can purchase it for $2,999. That’s a savings of 62% from its MSRP ($7,999).

This innovative massage chair features a zero-gravity design that will take your relaxation time to a new level. With just one click of a button, you can tilt the chair to feel the anti-gravity effect. As a multi-functional massage recliner, this chair automatically massages the entire body once it’s turned on.

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The sharp LCD touchscreen is a hub to control the chair. From the screen, all you have to do is tap the appropriate setting or feature. It’s fitted with heating pads on the back, further loosening any tightness you might feel in your back.  The compression airbag works in a wave-like motion that eases muscle tension. Its sturdy frame checks in at 150 pounds.

Another key feature is the chair’s Bluetooth 5.0 capability. Just as you can do at the spa, this massage chair’s Bluetooth capability allows you to listen to a calming melody or your favorite songs as you rest your head on the comfortable U-shaped pillow.

There are few things as soothing and relaxing as a massage. With this high-tech chair and its Bluetooth capability, you get the best of the spa while enjoying the benefits from the comfort of your home. Purchase it today.

Prices subject to change.