Six Injured In Mass Shooting Outside Oregon Rap Show

Six Injured In Mass Shooting Outside Oregon Rap Show

A shooting in the parking lot of a Eugene, Or. concert venue has left six people hospitalized, including one who is listed in critical condition.

The incident occurred outside of WOW Hall, a non-profit community center that doubles as a performance space in downtown Eugene. According to Newsweek, 25 Eugene Police Patrol cars were dispatched to the scene after receiving reports of gunshots around 9:30pm.

“What law enforcement found when they came on scene is what you would exactly expect when six people just got shot,” Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner told reporters. “People are just trying to get out of here, their friends are on the ground, they’re trying to help.”

After receiving first aid from the police and EMS on site, five people were transported to the hospital, local station KEZI reports. A sixth person was later hospitalized after transporting themselves from the area.

Of the four men and two women injured, only one person was a resident of the local area. The other four traveled to Eugene to attend the concert, which was headlined by San Francisco Bay Area rappers Lil Bean and Zay Bang.

Authorities have not indicated they believe the artists were connected to the shooting.

Investigators’ early efforts to identify a shooter have been impeded by a lack of witnesses willing to speak up about what happened.

“What we’re really struggling with is the fact that we know we have witnesses, we know we probably have video and audio evidence that’s available,” Skinner said. “We just need people to feel comfortable to bring it forward so we can better understand what happened and better identify our suspect.”

The police chief added that he believes witness accounts will ultimately play an integral role in his department being able to track down the killer.

Eugene Police did gather enough from the scene to describe suspect, who was seen heading westbound from 8th Avenue, wearing a hoodie.