Small Business Predictions For 2015

As 2014 is coming to close, many entrepreneurs are starting to fixate on the coming year and what the New Year will bring for small businesses. scoured the internet for predictions about 2015 and lessons learned from 2014 to create: “2015 Small Business Industry Predictions.”

A community of small business owners was polled to find out what they thought the top industries would be for next year. Technology, at 42%, is predicted to be the most successful industry in 2015, followed by health care (28%), retail (14%), and finance (14%).

While every industry is subject to risk, there were 10 industries that were identified as the riskiest based on long-term declines. They included women’s and men’s apparel, DVD/game/video rentals, computer manufacturing, and appliance repair.

MyCorporation also detailed the fastest growing industries based on data over the past year, with the top industries being real estate, construction, wood product manufacturing. architectural/engineering services, and employment services.

Other MyCorporation findings: 58% of small business owners expect that they will experience growth in 2015. Entrepreneurs across the country think it’s going to be a great year for business.

When asked where should you spending your marketing dollars? One of the most notable predictions is the need for small business owners to emphasize mobile marketing. There is a significant rise in mobile searches, which directly correlates to the fall of desktop searches.

Indeed, marketing industry experts also concur that mobile marketing for businesses will be at an all-time high in the year 2015 because of its growth and success. This means that more companies will be expanding their sites and data to accommodate their mobile users, and rightly so.

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