Small Businesses Step up Support for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Small businesses step up their support for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DayOne of the benefits of running a small business is the personal nature of being an entrepreneur. Small business owners are afforded an opportunity to pursue passions and causes near to their heart, in a manner larger companies can not.

One important day that many businesses in the D.C. community are coming together to support is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD), which is coming up on February 7th. The cornerstone of NBHAAD is testing and awareness of one’s HIV status, but business leaders are going much further than that.

Nycal Anthony-Townsend, president of the Alliances for Quality Education and the chairperson of NBHAAD’s Strategic Leadership Council, says it is about ”empowering and mobilizing communities across the nation to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS among the black population through education, testing, advocacy and treatment.”

The organizations involved in the HIV/AIDS epidemic especially want to inspire leaders from the communities affected. Blanchon emphasizes the importance of days like this in educating at-risk individuals and says, ”Only by working together as a community can we hope to bring down new infections. Interested business owners can get involved by visiting

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