Snoop Dogg Almost Signed To A West Coast Group Before Joining Forces With Dr. Dre

Most hip-hop fans know Snoop Dogg got his start with Dr. Dre and Death Row Records. But Snoop’s story could have been different had he gone with a West Coast collective.

Recently, the charismatic entrepreneur sat with radio host Big Boy on the Big Boy off Air podcast, revealing he almost put his career under the guidance of Above the Law. 

“Y’all don’t know this story. I was with Above The Law. Above The Law was about to give me a situation, but they had me waiting on the bench,” Snoop recalled during the interview. “I was behind Kokane; I was behind another girl named Mz. Kilo, and I was waiting behind Above The Law’s next album that they were doing. But Laylaw and [Big] Hutch and the whole crew, Go Mack and the whole nine. They f***** with me and Warren G; Warren G was they n-gga!” 

Snoop added that Warren G introduced him to the “Black Super Man” rappers, but the deal never happened because Snoop was too impatient.  

“So Warren G brought me to them, and they was like, ‘Okay, we gon’ f*ck with him!’ But, ‘Sit down there and play that Madden while we work in the studio.’

After Dr. Dre heard a mixtape by Snoop, Dre put the then-budding MC under his wing, inking a deal with Death Row Records. 

Snoop released two albums on Death Row Records before joining Master’s P No Limit Records. Last year, the “Gin & Juice” rapper acquired Death Row Records from MNRK Music Group. Shortly after acquiring the label, Snoop removed the label’s musical catalog from all streaming services, saying that streaming doesn’t pay enough. However, back in March, Uncle Snoop inked a new deal that will allow him to put classic Death Row records back on streaming services.

Watch the interview in its entirety below.