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After Elon Musk Vows to Step Down, Twitter Users Want Snoop Dogg to Take Over as CEO

Snoop Dogg has been selected to become the CEO of Twitter after the What’s My Name? lyricist asked Twitter users if he should inherit the role Elon Musk has running the social media platform.

Earlier this week, Twitter owner Elon Musk placed a poll on his profile asking if he should step down as the social media platform’s CEO. Half the poll respondents told him to get back to running Tesla. There is speculation that since Musk said he was interested in purchasing Twitter, he has focused less on Tesla. The lack of focus on the electric vehicle company has decreased the stock price during the year.

According to NASDAQ, Tesla has lost

With a final tally of 17,502,391 votes, almost 60% (57.5%) of those who cast a vote wanted him to step down as CEO. Another 42.5% of Twitter users wanted him to continue the job on the platform.

On the other hand, later that day, Gin N Juice rapper Snoop Dogg posed his own question: “Should I run Twitter?

The Doggfather got a vastly different result when he posed that question. It seems that most people who took the poll want to see Snoop Dogg running the day-to-day duties of Twitter.

After 3,398,119 Twitter users voted in the poll, an astounding 81% of poll takers overwhelmingly want the weed-smoking recording artist to take over the reins from Musk.


Snoop set a record, according to the Guinness World Records. They have confirmed that Snoop’s poll is the “biggest yes ratio in a Twitter poll.”

Some Twitter users responded to the thought of the rapper taking over the platform.

Snoop recently announced that a biopic on him is in the works. Menace II Society director Allen Hughes will direct the biopic, and Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole will write the screenplay, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Maybe if Snoop became CEO of Twitter, it will be in the movie.