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Snoop Dogg ‘Hated’ Cussing Out Kids In His Foulmouthed Sports Comedy Film

Snoop Dogg's new sports-comedy film coming to Amazon Prime is all about paying homage to his hometown of Long Beach, California, in a foulmouthed type of way.

Snoop Dogg has a new sports comedy film coming to Amazon Prime that’s all about paying homage to his hometown of Long Beach, California, in a foulmouthed type of way.

The rap superstar stars in The Underdoggs, a Bad News Bears-esque flick inspired by the real-life Snoop Youth Football League, which is dedicated to giving underprivileged youth opportunities to play football and cheer, the Long Beach Post reports. Snoop takes on the role of Jaycen “Two Js” Jennings, a former pro football star whose career has seen better days. As a requirement to fulfill his community service, Jennings is tasked with coaching a youth football team, described as “unruly pee-wee,” through the Long Beach recreation department.

With a comedic cast of Mike Epps, Tika Sumpter, Kandi Burruss, George Lopez, Andrew Schulz, and Kal Penn, Snoop brings on the funny — and a whole lot of profanity.

The R-rated film is riddled with N-words, F-bombs, and profanity, all of which Snoop boldly warns us about at the start of the film.

“The following movie is rated R for language that might not be suitable for children. But f– all that. Y’all know…the kids who aren’t supposed to be watching this s–t curse more than the rest of us motherf—-rs,” Snoop says.

As funny as the “Gin and Juice” rapper is in the film, yelling and cursing at child actors wasn’t easy for him. Snoop admitted how hard it was for him to film the scenes, since it’s something he would never do in real life.

“It looked like I was having fun doing it, but I hated doing that. That’s not even me,” Snoop told BET

“When they said, ‘Cut!’ I’m like, ‘I can’t believe I just talked to them kids like that! Let me go play with them or something.”

Actress Sumpter, who plays Snoop’s onscreen love interest in the film, confirmed the rapper was a complete teddy bear with the kids when the cameras weren’t rolling. 

“He would have rap battles with them off camera,” she shared. “He was so good with the kids.”

It also wasn’t easy finding child actors who could swear on camera. 

“That was tricky,” director Charles Stone III revealed. “There were a large amount of parents who would not let their child audition. But the kids who showed up, it worked out brilliantly, you know, and the parents were fine with it. They understood the context.”

The Underdoggs highlights Snoop’s alma mater, Long Beach Polytechnic High School, and pays tribute to the city that raised him. The movie premieres Friday, Jan. 26, on Amazon Prime.

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