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Snoop Dogg is Bringing the Death Row Records Catalog to TikTok

The charismatic rapper Snoop Dogg has added Death Row Records to the popular social media app TikTok. Billboard reports that Snoop’s decision comes before Death Row’s music catalog hits streaming platforms.

The Doggystyle rapper acquired the label last year and pulled the label from streaming services. 

​​“Since I took Death Row off streaming almost a year ago, not a day goes by without people asking me to put it back up,” Snoop Dogg said in a statement. “As the Super Bowl rolled around, I knew fans would be looking for the music from our iconic performance in 2022, so I wanted to reintroduce the most historic catalog to the people.”

Death Row’s music catalog will be the first-ever music catalog available on TikTok through Sound On, making this the first music catalog to be released exclusively on Sound On.

“We were hearing from a lot of artists that they loved being on TikTok and trying to build their community and hopefully reach really big audiences, but they were pretty overwhelmed, they didn’t really understand how to get onto TikTok, get music onto TikTok, get an account set up on TikTok, figure out how to position themselves in the right way TikTok Global Head of Music Ole Obermann said to Billboard in 2022.

Obermann added: “The goal is, really, that we find the promising artist and we walk them from the backstage door right onto the main stage and they’re there, they’re performing, it’s an incredible show and they’ve found their audience.”

Death Row’s catalog includes albums such as Dr.Dre’s The Chronic; Tupac’s All Eyez on Me; Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle; Tha Dogg Pound’s Dogg Food, and several others. 

As a testament to Snoop’s influence on culture, Martha Stewart unveiled a new tattoo of Snoop Dogg on her arm. 

“My Dogg! Thanks for the amazing tattoo @scottcampbell,” Stewart wrote, along with a photo of herself with celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell. “Forever linked in ink to my favorite @snoopdogg.”

In the photo, Stewart shows what appears to be a tattoo of the rapper’s face with the words “My Dogg” on her left shoulder. Campbell shared the same picture on his Instagram, writing: “I got to tattoo a legend onto a legend. Thanks @marthastewart48 and @snoopdogg. I can retire now”


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