Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus Discusses Dealing With Online Bullying

The daughter of Snoop DoggCori Broadus, publicly discussed being bullied online after she announced that was had just gotten engaged.

Last week on Karamo, hosted by former The Real World cast member Karamo Brown, Broadus discussed the taunts and disrespect thrown her way because of her skin tone and weight. She and her fiancé, Wayne Deuce, are constantly being attacked online by trolls who feel that he is only with her because she is her father’s daughter.

Broadus also talked about having Lupus and the mental tool these with comments exact on her mental health. Announcing her engagement, which should be a happy moment, has been anything but.

“It made me very sad because this is a happy moment, you know what I mean, this is something that I wanted to share with the world,” she said on Karamo. “And I actually waited a day because I knew, just being in the public eye, people are gonna say things. Whether you’re posting something good or whether you’re posting something bad, there’s always gonna be something negative somebody is gonna say.”

She provided examples.

“He’s only with you because of your dad. So does this mean I have to be ugly to get a man? Even like the way I was looking. I got diagnosed with Lupus at the age of six and so, here I was very inflamed, my lupus was very very inflamed.”

As a picture of her was flashed on the screen, she continued, “I wasn’t feeling well nobody knew that so for people to go on there to say that it made me feel even lower about myself and I think when people say those certain things and you’re already dealing with insecurities it like triggers it.”

She spoke about her depression and how supportive her father and family are. She detailed the bullying she has suffered online and the suicidal thoughts she harbored when she was younger.

Check out the full interview below: