6 People That Should be Avoided on Social Media

6 People That Should be Avoided on Social Media

Depending on what you want out of it social media can be an entertaining and effective tool. With many profiles open and accessible to the general public, including employers, it is best to watch the “company” you are keeping. If you want to catch up with what’s going on with your friends and keep up on the news having a social profile that delivers quality is important.

Ebony.com writer Alisha Tillery suggests some people to cut out of your social media presence to make it a more quality experience.

1) Ultimate Selfies: I wonder if I fall into this category sometimes until I see those people who fit the bill perfectly. It’s cool to post a few self-portraits to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, especially when there’s some sort of special occasion–a new hairstyle, a birthday celebration, a vacay. But when folks feel the need to update the world on your every facial expression, or every angle of how their butt looks in a pair of jeans that they’ve had since freshman year, every single day? Do not follow.  It’s your account, yes, and you have a right to post whatever you please, but save some of those bathroom shots with kissy faces for the photo roll on your phone.

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