Report Shows Social Media Users’ Take on Valentine’s Day[Infographic]

Love & Tech: State of Love Report Reveals Social Media Users’ Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

With social media serving as a new-age soap box, all it takes is simple tracking to gather one’s thoughts and opinions on a specific topic. You can take it one step further, narrowing that data down to specific geographic information. That’s exactly what IQ Agency and social media analysis firm Crimson Hexagon did.

Both organizations joined forces to create the State of Love Report, which examined 2.1 million conversation threads regarding thoughts on Valentine’s Day on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online forums in the first two weeks of February, and released the results exclusively to Mashable.

According to the report, negative posts were most likely to be shared, and made up 40% of the total. Another 23% were indifferent about Valentine’s. Positive sentiment only just overcame the V-Day opponents in the last five days.

For the rest of the findings, take a look at the infographic below: