Solomon Climbs MLB Ladder

Jimmie Lee Solomon Jr. has been promoted to executive vice president of baseball operations of Major League Baseball. Solomon is responsible for on-field discipline, security, and facility management. He will also head Major League, Minor League, and International Baseball Operations; the Major League Scouting Bureau; and the Arizona Fall League.

“Anytime an African American can elevate to a position of influence and decision making, that’s important,” says Floyd Keith, executive director of the Black Coaches Association. “I think it’s a great step for African Americans and a positive breakthrough.”

Solomon admits that penetrating the glass ceiling remains a difficult task for African Americans, although many are well-qualified. “Many have butted their head up against it and kind of cracked it, but it’s not wide open,” he says. “We’re going to have to struggle, squeeze, and sometimes tighten our belts to get through.”

Solomon’s most recent position during his 13-year MLB tenure was as senior vice president of baseball operations. This fall, he will launch the Major League Baseball Youth Academy at California’s Compton Community College to make baseball more accessible to urban youth.