iSow Now so You Can Reap Later

iSow is a free, smart savings platform that helps to reduce consumerism and waste. It also teaches kids healthy financial habits by showing them the power of saving, sharing with others, and spending with purpose.

That’s how Tanya Van Court describes it. iSow is her brainchild, which she developed after her 8-year-old told her she wanted only two things for her ninth birthday: a bike and enough money to start an investment account.

The busy mother of three and former senior vice president, Preschool & Parenting Digital at Nickelodeon, saw the larger potential in her daughter’s request and developed the innovative savings platform. “Innovative” gets thrown around a lot lately, but this platform is truly a winner on so many levels.

“iSow lets kids use birthdays and holidays to sign up for goals instead of goods in three big categories: saving for the future, sharing with others, and spending on things that matter to them,” Van Court said in an e-mail interview. Although the target is children, anyone can use iSow to help them save or fund a specific goal.


#KidsHelpingKids campaign


On #Giving Tuesday–Nov. 29 this year–iSow is launching a #KidsHelpingKids campaign. “The #KidsHelpingKids campaign lets us celebrate the spirit of giving that we see on iSow every day,” says Van Court, “kids using special occasions, like the holidays, as opportunities to improve the lives of those less fortunate.” is contributing to the goal of each iSow account started on #GivingTuesday. “When a kid signs up for on Giving Tuesday, will be the first donor to support their sharing goal,” Van Court explains. “Whether they are signing up to Sow for kids in Haiti or Save the Children, is helping to solidify the message that giving to others is important, whatever your cause might be.”


Young Investors


I love that iSow encourages financial learning and knowledge, and asked Van Court if the platform itself provides financial information. She says yes, and more is coming.

“iSow’s innovative urban financial dictionary, Sow Smart, is teaching young people financial language by using memes from popular culture and personalities to explain the top 50 financial terms that young people need to know (think Tupac’s “I’m trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents” to explain compound interest).”

Other help will be added to the site soon, such as investment tips, recommendations for making and saving money, and answers to young people’s personal finance questions.

For more information, check out the iSow website.