Special Report: Team Obama

Special Report: Team Obama

International Affairs (Clinton administration)
Value: As New York Fed Chief, Geithner has participated in such industry-saving acts as the sale of Bear Stearns to JPMorgan Chase and the multibillion-dollar rescue of AIG. Also, he’s an experienced hand at Treasury, having worked for five secretaries.

Name: Lawrence H. Summers
Position: Director, National Economic Council
Past Positions: President, Harvard University; Treasury Secretary (Clinton administration)
Value: Known for his fierce intellect, Summers has been a staunch proponent of the use of government spending to jolt the economy and has been at the forefront of the development of Obama’s economic stimulus package.

Name: Peter R. Orszag
Position: White House Budget Director
Past Positions: Director of Congressional Budget Office; Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Value: Orszag has operated the nonpartisan CBO, the agency charged with providing objective analysis and data on economic trends and budgetary issues, and knows the federal budget cold. He comes to his new position with expertise in pensions, taxes, Social Security, homeland security, and health policy.

Name: Tom Daschle
Position: Secretary of Health & Human Services
Past Positions: U.S. Senate Majority Leader
Value: A 26-year congressional veteran, this South Dakota politician is expected to apply his passion for healthcare reform as well as his relationships and knowledge of the Senate to gain support for Obama’s ambitious programs.

Name: Shaun Donovan
Position: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Past Positions: Commissioner, New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development
Value: With two decades of experience, Donovan has effectively managed a multibillion-dollar HUD subsidy program during his years with the Clinton administration as well as in New York City’s mammoth affordable housing program.

Name: Hilda Solis
Position: Secretary of Labor
Past Positions: Four-term Democratic Representative of California; California State Senator
Value: A favorite with organized labor, she has served as a strong advocate for low-wage workers and supported legislation making it easier to unionize workers. A huge plus for the Obama camp is her close relationship with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Name: Ray LaHood
Position: Secretary of Transportation
Past Positions: Seven-term Republican Congressman from Illinois
Value: A centrist Republican, LaHood has spent his career in government dealing with transportation issues, including his participation on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He shares Obama’s philosophy that government spending jump-starts economic growth.

Name: Ron Kirk
Position: U.S. Trade Representative
Past Positions: Mayor of Dallas
Value: A free-trade advocate, Kirk fully understands the impact of global partnerships on economic development and job creation. He helped produce 45,000 additional jobs through his involvement in developing the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Name: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Position: Secretary of State
Past Positions: Junior U.S. senator from New York; First Lady of the United States
Value: Obama’s most tenacious rival for the Democratic nomination, Clinton gained foreign policy bona fides through her involvement on the Senate Armed Services Committee. She reportedly plans to expand the State Department’s portfolio of diplomatic activities to include a special focus on economic matters.

Name: Robert M. Gates
Position: Secretary of Defense
Past Positions: Secretary of Defense (Bush administration); CIA Director
Value: The first Pentagon Chief to serve two consecutive administrations, Gates has his hand on the pulse of Obama’s major national security challenges. In addition to managing wars