How To Spend The Most Perfect Fourth of July Ever–Alone

How To Spend The Most Perfect Fourth of July Ever–Alone

Any holiday break is a break well deserved for almost anyone.

However, with too much time spent at work or traveling for business, you may find yourself alone on the most important holidays. This happens for various reasons: time, money, or you’re just plain tired of dealing with people and making more decisions.

Below are several ways you can make your July 4th a time to recharge, rest, and inspire yourself:

1- Close the shades. Nothing makes a room cozier than low or no lighting under cool, soft covers. It also helps to relax your mood and keep your attention focused on what you are doing inside, rather than what is going on outside.

2- Stock up on healthy snacks and food. Whole Foods Market, and several other places, has ready-to-go spreads and prepared options. For under $30, you can grab some yummy salmon sliders, coconut chicken tenders, or homemade desserts the night before.  This is a day of no cooking or going out. Everything you need is ready.

3- Turn off your cell. Yup, it’s that kind of day. The last thing you need is to explain to Auntie Joyce why you didn’t make it over for the barbecue for the third year in a row or make up some fake plans. You can turn your phone on after 9 p.m. Keep everyone wondering what you’re up to!

4- Fully charge your Kindle the night before. You’re in for a day of reading, recharging, and catching up with your favorite book(s). Need to get a step ahead on a new job or perhaps, get ideas on how to create a new stream of income? Holidays are the perfect time to jump steps ahead when other folks are hanging back.

5- Keep your pajamas on. All day. Shower, optional. Consider this your day to pamper, indulge, smoke your favorite cigar, or open that bottle of wine. Escape to wherever you want to be–in your head, or in your living room.

The secret recipe to make your day alone a success is preparation. Prepare days or even a week in advance. Though holidays, like the Fourth of July, are perfect times to celebrate with friends, family, and even strangers, many people don’t have these kinds of relationships, or choose simply to be alone without the guilt. As they say, to be loved you have to love yourself, and part of that is being comfortable in being alone.

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