Spike Lee To Direct Documentary About Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offense

Spike Lee To Direct Documentary About Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offense

With the NBA preseason in full swing, attention has quickly shifted to the maligned New York Knicks, as they get acclimated with a new look and attitude.

Phil Jackson has taken a front-office job in hopes of changing the culture at Madison Square Garden. Derek Fisher, who is familiar with the Triangle Offense scheme implemented by Jackson, took a gig as the team’s head coach.

To be fair, most people who have watched basketball still don’t know what the Triangle Offense is. All they know is that it has resulted in 11 championships for Phil Jackson and made Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan into legends. Director and die-hard Knicks season-ticket holder Spike Lee is hoping to help with a new film.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Lee, 57, is putting together a one-hour cinematic that will air on MSG and break down the Zen, the fundamentals, and the culture involving the Triangle Offense.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Lee told WSJ‘s Tim Smith. “This is trying to explain to the average fan the Triangle System. It’s sort of like the mysterious mythology and Zen that Phil Jackson has used to win six times in Chicago and five times in L.A.”

Titled What Is the Triangle Offense: A Spike Lee Orange and Blue Skies Joint, the film will be put on for New York City. Lee hopes to not give the competition the blueprint to defeat the Knicks on the court.

For fans or just the curious,the film will air on MSG Oct. 24, five days before the season opener when the Knicks take on the Chicago Bulls.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal