Bronny James’ $30 Nike Shirt Is A Big Hit With Buyers, Almost Sold Out

Like father, like son. Although his father never experienced college in any form, young Bronny James is taking on the same qualities his father possesses when it comes to merchandise bearing his name.

According to The Sports Rush, the value attributed to his NIL (name, image, and likeness) is worth $7,000,000. The highest of any student-athlete in the nation, and the regular college basketball season hasn’t even started!

Bronny James is an incoming freshman at The University of Southern California (USC). The son of LeBron James will be playing his first season with the USC Trojans, and that’s not lost on the company he is signed to. Nike has released merchandise of the 18-year-old, and it is already doing very well. The athletic wear company started selling T-shirts that are retailing for $30. Most sizes are already sold out.


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Although Bronny recently had a health scare when he suffered a cardiac arrest, he is getting ready to start his collegiate career soon. The diagnosis from the medical examination performed on Bropnny revealed that he has a congenital heart defect; however, a full recovery is expected.

The freshman player, who went to USC earlier this year in May as a five-star prospect, is projected to become a first-round NBA draft pick maybe next year if he chooses to forgo his later years in college. The rules have changed since his father skipped college and was drafted straight out of high school. A prospective player must have at least one year of college to be eligible for the NBA Draft.

LeBron has stated several times in the past year that it is his dream to be able to not only play in the NBA with his son but also on the same team together. With the way LeBron is still playing, this is definitely possible, even if Bronny decides to stay for more than one year at USC.