Teyo, Sexual Harassment

Former NFL Player Teyo Johnson Receives $50K Settlement From $1.9M Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A former NFL player who accused the co-founder of the company he worked for of sexual harassment has won his case against the employer. He settled for a paltry amount compared to what he initially sued for.

According to The New York Post, former Oakland Raiders tight end Teyo Johnson sued Everyrealm co-founder Janine Yorio, alleging sexual harassment. He filed a $1.9 million lawsuit but ended up settling the case for a little more than $50,000.

Johnson filed court papers stating that the 47-year-old co-founder had urged him to sleep with co-workers and made racist and lewd comments about his sexual preferences. Johnson also accused the company of paying him lower wages because he was Black. The former football player said he was forced out of the company after refusing Yorio’s sexual advances.

Everyrealm responded to the lawsuit by saying Johnson was terminated for falling asleep while working and his poor job performance.

Yorio and her company, Everyrealm, filed a countersuit in July 2023 that accused Johnson of libeling the company when he claimed that he wasn’t offered equity in the firm “while similarly situated white employees were.” With its countersuit, Everyrealm also said that Johnson made “extortionate” demands asking for a settlement of $1.9 million.

Everyrealm stated the two sides settled on giving Johnson $51,456. A statement by Johnson was posted on the Law360 website: “Statements made in the heat of litigation do not necessarily reflect reality, and this case is no exception.

“I regret the harm this has caused Janine Yorio, Everyrealm, and its employees,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s attorney also represented two other clients who worked for the company and filed similar lawsuits against Everyrealm.

A spokesperson for Yorio also released a statement. “Mr. Johnson and his cohorts demanded $7.4 million, but he walked away with $51,456.”

“Paying this is well worth avoiding any further time wasted on this sham of a lawsuit,” the spokesperson said.