Spotify’s ‘Sound Up Bootcamp’ for Women of Color Podcasters Has Chosen Their Winners!

Spotify’s ‘Sound Up Bootcamp’ for Women of Color Podcasters Has Chosen Their Winners!

A few months back, we reported that Spotify was looking to help launch and finance podcasts for women of color. Well, the time has come and the platform has selected 10 winners out of more than 18,000 applicants. Three of the women were each given a $10,000 prize to launch their podcasts: Titi Shodiya, Kristina Ogilvie, and Janina Jeff.  

All 10 participants were taught by two instructors and a representative from Spotify. The winners list also includes Shonté Daniels, Amanda B, Tiara Darnell, Ivy Le, Doreen Wang, Gabriela Quintana, and Sun H, but Shodiya, Ogilvie, and Jeff stood out. What were their ideas that separated them from the pack?

Spotify Podcast Winners

Janina Jeff

Janina Jeff (Image: Spotify)

In Those Genes, which focuses on genetics and the black community, with cohost Ashley Huderson.

Titi Shodiya

Titi Shodiya (Image: Spotify)

Dope Labs, which looks at the intersection between science and pop culture with cohost Zakiya Whatley

Kristina Ogilvie

Kristina Ogilvie (Image: Spotify)

Your Job Seems Easy, an interview show which explores the working lives of women of color

“Podcasting is more accessible to makers than most other media—production costs are lower, and the gatekeepers fewer,” says Rekha Murthy, a podcast and radio veteran with over 20 years of experience who co-taught the workshop. “More people are starting to take advantage of that opportunity. I’ve learned more about the experiences and perspectives of people of color through podcasting than anywhere else. I’ve come to a better understanding and appreciation of my own identities as a woman, and as a woman of color, thanks to podcasts. I’m sure some of that is because I intentionally seek out these voices. But also, they are there in ways I rarely find in, say, broadcast radio. There are also not enough.”

According to Spotify, Sound Up Bootcamp featured daily sessions. The week-long workshop was led by Murthy and her colleague Graham Griffith and covered topics ranging from identifying an audience to honing a breakthrough message. The platform also stated that, during the week, attendees also learned from experts in the field about the art of podcast creation, from initial ideation to editing, producing, and marketing.

The workshop took place at the Spotify New York Office (Image: Spotify)

Congrats to the winners! We look forward to hearing your podcasts soon.