Spread Your Message With Podomatic
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Spread Your Message With Podomatic

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If you haven’t been paying attention, perhaps no entertainment stream has grown more in the past five years than podcasts. Regardless of the topic, there’s a podcast out there for everything. Sports, politics, finance, pet training, you name it. If you’ve ever thought about it, there’s a good chance there’s a podcast out there that covers it.

One of the allures of podcasts isn’t just the information value they possess, it’s that just about anyone with the proper setup can launch one. With advertising options, some podcasters have also benefitted financially.

The absence of a proper podcast hosting platform prevents many from venturing into the space, but Podomatic PRO Plus hopes to change that. For a limited time, a one-year subscription to the service costs just $9.99. That’s a savings of 91% from its MSRP ($119).

With Podomatic, users are able to record high-quality podcasts and publish them for millions of listeners. They can choose to publish immediately or simply add their podcast to their media library and edit and publish it at a later time.

Furthermore, Podomatic has partnered with Patreon, Podcorn, and What For Apparel to create monetizing opportunities for podcasters. Users can also earn revenue with additional advertising and crowdsourcing opportunities.

“We’ve been using Podomatic to host our podcast since 2009. It’s quick and easy to post new episodes, the stats are deep, and it’s helped us consistently chart in the top music podcasts on iTunes,” writes the Stanton Warriors Podcast.

The Podomatic PRO Plus plan comes with 200GB of bandwidth a month, 3GB of storage, PRO Design Tools and PRO Support, HQ Downloads and PRO Statistics. All that’s required is that users always use a fully updated browser.

Podcasts have shown their immense staying power, and they can be accessed virtually anywhere. If you have something to say but haven’t been able to find a way to say it, look no further. Purchase this deal today and share your voice and podcast with millions.

Prices subject to change.