Square Introduces a One Stop Point-of-Sale Kit

One of the major hurdles a small business faces is how to accept payments without a cash register or a point of sale system. Both of these pieces of equipment are vital to conducting transactions, but they also have costs to purchase or rent.

Square, the mobile payment processor has introduced a possible solution to this dilemma. Their new “Business in a Box” package offers two Square credit card readers, a stand for the iPad and a cash register for $299. For $599, the bundle is available with a wireless receipt printer as well.

Everything but the Square Readers come from third-party vendors, but all of these items work wirelessly and seamlessly with Square Register.

This one stop solution is optimal for owners who have no idea where to begin when it comes to picking a point-of-sale system. The low entry cost also helps owners with limited funds setup shop with one payment and all the pieces in one box.

Reviews for the kit have been favorable from major tech writers and sites.

Source: Square