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‘Our Kids Are Being Attacked’: St. Louis Parents Outraged Over District’s Handling Of Racial Slurs Aimed At Students

A group of St. Louis parents are speaking out against what they say is inaction by the Wentzville School District leaders to stop Black students from having to endure relentless racial slurs from peers.

Laesha Moore claimed that her daughter, a senior at Timberland High School, has had to resort to trying to muffle the racist attacks of her classmates, KMOV 4 reported.

“The fact that she has to put in her headphones to try to drown them out is not okay,” she said. “This is my baby, you understand. My job as a parent is to protect my kids.”

According to the outlet, the experience of Moore’s daughter is not an isolated incident, as more students have complained of an onslaught of hate.

“It’s not one time that she was referred to as the N-word. It’s multiple times a week,” said parent Tamara King.

Both King and Moore have expressed disappointment in the school district for their failure to dole out punishment and expulsion to the students perpetuating the vile treatment. King recently wrote a letter to the school board outlining the injustices.

“Our kids are being attacked. The children who were responsible for that, from my understanding, were given in-school suspension and a few days off the bus,” King said.

The relentlessness of the alleged attacks and subsequent silence from Wentzville has been exhausting for both the Black students and parents in the district.

“It’s nerve-wrenching, it is heartbreaking, it’s disturbing, and I’m tired of it,” Moore said. “They have to do something. If we have to go to the very top, we will do so.”

A spokesperson for Wentzville released a statement condemning the actions of the students in question.

“Racism is not tolerated in our schools. The Wentzville School District is committed to fostering an environment free from harassment and discrimination,” the statement reads. “Any action that does not align with that commitment is met with a thorough investigation and appropriate disciplinary measures in alignment with District policy. We value and welcome students and parents who raise concerns. By reporting concerns, we can promptly assist and protect our students.”

According to the outlet, school leaders are expected to meet with parents on Oct. 12.

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