BE Staff Share Their All-Time Favorite Prince Songs

BE Staff Share Their All-Time Favorite Prince Songs

Shocked by the news of Prince’s passing and his force as a cultural and music icon, BE staff took the time to reflect on our favorite Prince songs.  Can you find yours? Stay tuned for more.

Adore and Diamonds & Pearls

Arguably, the lyrics of Adore are the best of any song, period!  Prince takes the listener on a journey about love that is purely magical.  I love Diamond and Pearls also because just when I thought that the artist formerly known as…. had retired, he hit us with this funky love ballad that always make me feel good no matter when I hear it and I always sing it at the top of my lungs.  So grateful that I saw him live a few years ago at MSG! – Renau Daniels, Senior Director, Event Sponsorship Sales

I Would Die 4 U

“I Would Die 4 U” is my No. 1 workout song of all time. Whenever I’m dragging or feeling unmotivated, I know I can depend on Prince to put a bounce in my step. I can listen to it on repeat like five times in a row (and I have!) without it losing one bit of its infectious energy. True to the lyrics, it will “make you happy when you’re sad, make you good when you are bad.” It’s just impossible to not feel good when it’s on. – Alisa Gumbs, Executive Managing Editor

When Doves Cry

I’m 24 so I either missed, or was too young to appreciate the genius of Prince when it was actually happening. But my favorite song is When Doves Cry because whenever it came on the radio my dad would become so visibly happy, that it made me happy,too. One of my favorite childhood memories is driving in the car with my dad and watching him smile and sing along to the song. Prince’s music was so powerful that it was able to transcend generational divides and allow us to continuously create new memories together. – Hailey Wallace, Politics Editor

Little Red Corvette

I used to dance to this song in my room on weekends when I was in High School.  Whoever he was talking about was the woman every girl wanted to become and every mother prayed she wouldn’t.  He recently dedicated this song to Vanity which gives the song a whole new meaning, but I always thought it was about her, and what happens when beauty meets unpreparedness in an ugly world. – Maryann Reid, Digital Managing Editor

Other songs BE Staff will never forget :

Pop Life
Diamonds & Pearls
International Lover
Do Me Baby
I Would Die For You
Purple Rain
Beautiful Ones
Darling Nikki
When Doves Cry
Sexy MF