Star Songwriter Talks About Conquering the Music Biz

Star Songwriter Talks About Conquering the Music Biz

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For many, penning hits and creating music is just a far fetched dream on par with the fantasy of becoming an international pop star. Sure, songwriting is not a common occupation but for those who are focused and who have a knack for words, it is possible.

Songwriter Makeba Riddick started seeing her dreams come to life by the age of 20, when the song she wrote for Jennifer Lopez “All I Have” hit number one on the charts. Since then, the trained musician has been living a pretty charmed life as a songwriter, having gone on to write more hits for the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Fantasia. The Atlanta Post correspondent Brandi Fowler caught up with the Roc Nation singer and songwriter to talk about how she broke into the business and how she maintains her craft.

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