Black Tech Founder Launches Smart Home Sensor to Automate Lawn Care

Black Tech Founder Launches Smart Home Sensor to Automate Lawn Care

LawnTap is an Atlanta tech startup that offers on-demand lawn care services. With the tap of a button, you have the power to get a vetted lawn care professional at your doorstep, ready to work for you. Homeowners simply download the LawnTap app and use it to trace their lawn size based on their location and instantly receive a price of what it would cost to mow their lawn.

Gaia Lawn Sensor connects to your Wi-Fi network to send lawn care providers updates on when your lawn should be mowed.



In addition to the on-demand feature, the LawnTap team has also invented a device to automate lawn care service. It’s called Gaia, a new smart lawn sensor that allows you to monitor, interact with and take care of your lawn. The Gaia allows you to set preferences with your phone on lawn height. Once your lawn reaches a certain height of 1 or 2 inches depending on your preset preferences, it automatically sends out a request to lawn care providers within a 20- to 30-mile radius of your home.

“LawnTap’s goal with Gaia is to make lawn care an autonomous process. Plug and forget about it” Wilkinson Egwu, founder and chief executive officer, says. “The old, complicated way of hiring a lawn care provider is a thing of the past and customer service is non-existent. Our product, coupled with our top-tier customer service, is bringing a sleek, customer-friendly approach to lawn care.”

The Gaia smart lawn sensor inserts into your lawn, reading lawn height, moisture levels, sunlight, and other external factors that affect the overall health of your lawn. The Gaia app displays this data as a real-time snapshot of your lawn and pushes alerts and suggestions to maximize lawn health and maintenance.

By measuring and quantifying lawn data, Gaia enables homeowners to more effectively manage their lawn. The Gaia smart lawn sensor constantly monitors your lawn and learns exactly what it needs. It is compatible with other smart home and garden devices.

“LawnTap currently offers its on-demand lawn care service in Georgia and Texas and Gaia complements that,” says Egwu. He plans to expand into strategic markets like California, Florida, and Pennsylvania.