This Startup Is The Best Kept Secret To A Stress Free Move

This Startup Is The Best Kept Secret For A Stress Free Move


Moving is easily one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. From packing to apartment or house hunting, it quickly becomes a hassle to manage it all. And the work doesn’t end on moving day. It takes months, sometimes years, to feel settled in your new city, find your new favorite coffee shop or, God forbid, you need to make a few new friends as an adult.

Dubbed a social way to relocate, is a social network that addresses both the logistical and social pain points of moving. Forget the post-it stickers with errant moving tasks or waiting to hear back from a friend of a friend who might know someone in your new city. You can manage your move and connect with someone who lives in your new town on


Founder, Candice Torian


“When you are in college, you have a natural social network that is inherent with academia. But when you graduate that is all gone. You essentially start over without the benefit of classes or extracurricular activities to help you create new relationships. And for many, it’s the first time they are living on their own. The entire process is daunting. And it has never been tackled in totality,” said founder, Candice Torian.

To tackle this challenge, the network provides a moving checklist, pre-populated with moving tasks that you can customize. Need a few reminders about your move? You got it. There is even a way for you to keep track of your budget. But if checklists and budgets aren’t really your style, the network of Newbees who can get real with you about your new city is a serious lifesaver. Who else is going to help you avoid finding residence in the sketchy part of town?

1And it gets better! Staying on top of your move and supporting others in their move doesn’t go unnoticed. The site rewards its Newbees with drops of honey as they progress throughout their move and advise others. Newbees will then be able to redeem honey for exclusive offers from businesses in the future. Sweet.

Not moving and feeling left out?


You can sign-up as a City Expert and get in on the action.

The site is currently in beta. “Our early adopters have been so gracious to us. The feedback has influenced many of our decisions to pivot.” — Candice Torian.

While is a little-known gem for anyone moving, it will likely not stay secret for too long. Initial testimonials include “Where was this when I was moving?” and “This site is awesome!”.

So whether you are moving after graduation, for a job, love or any reason in between, is adulting made easy.




Dr. Dionne Mahaffey is an Atlanta-based writer, business psychologist, and the founder of The WhereU app.  Follow her on Twitter @ATLcelebrity @WhereUCameFrom