Stay-At-Home Moms Lead Million Dollar Company

Stay-At-Home Moms Lead Million-Dollar Company

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Decision Toolbox is a recruitment products and services company known for the “passion and creativity” they offer their clients. In 2000, Kim Shepherd joined Decision Toolbox as CEO and brought her unconventional approach to fulfill her executive responsibility and strengthen the brand. According to her company page, Shepherd “leads the company’s growth strategy, primarily through developing partnerships, alliances and as an active member of the Los Angeles and Orange County human resources community.”

What makes Decision Toolbox so unique is it’s ran completely digital: no windows, no doors. But what really sets this million-dollar company a standout from others is that of the 100 employees, 70 are women and 60 of those are mothers, according to Forbes Woman. Shepherd doesn’t have any children of her own, but tells Forbes that she was raised one of four to a single mom. “We built this company on a model that is a magnet for moms,” she says. Decision Toolbox’s remote employees create their own schedules and never have to go through a channel of superiors for time off. They work on commission and decide if they want to be employed part or full-time. Shepherd says, “‘We have people who only want to earn $60,000 per year and work part-time. I have other people who earn $160,000.’” “‘We positioned the jobs so that they attract people with strong at-home work ethics. If you don’t have it you will get killed.’”

The company structure couldn’t be more appealing to mothers who want to bring in income but also want to be heavily involved in their children’s lives. Kim Shepherd, who lives in Southern California, says her personal assistant lives in Atlanta and starts the workday at 6 a.m. The assistant is able to take several hours off each day to spend time with her daughters and then she continues work in the evening.

If you’re wondering if such a flexible and lenient business structure works, the answer is Yes! Decision Toolbox has made the Inc. 5000 three times and reported $7.8 million in sales last year. Shepherd, with her staff mostly made up of “super-humans” (her name for working moms), expects that the company will see $9 million for 2014!