The 5 Sexiest Jobs in Science

The 5 Sexiest Jobs in Science

Scientists are often portrayed as geeks, nerds and dorks. Adding to that depiction, the work they do can seem so far removed from everyday life that people wonder why it is even necessary for them or their children to study science in school and at college.

In fact, only a slight majority of the public (54%) believe that all students should have to take more math and science courses, and less than 1/3 of those polled felt that math and science classes offered to students not majoring in those fields are “very relevant” to life after graduation, according to a poll conducted by the American Council on Education in 2006.

To dispel those myths and to demonstrate how science plays a big part in our lives from day to day, Black Enterprise comprised a list of some of the sexiest jobs in science. While these careers won’t necessarily make a person more visually appealing, the salary, prestige and intrigue will surely stimulate your interest.

Career: Medical Technology

Example: Perfusionist — Not everyone is able or willing to go to medical or nursing school for almost a decade to become a doctor. But there are still many jobs available for those who want to work in a hospital setting. A perfusionist works as a member of the surgical team during open-heart and other cardiac surgeries. They set up and operate the heart-lung machine to monitor the patient’s blood circulation and keep the rest of the surgical team informed of any changes. These jobs are often overlooked but they are in high demand, meaning job security is one of the main advantages.
Industry: Healthcare
Salary: $75,715 to $108,147
How to prepare: Major in a solid biological science or nursing program during undergrad. Afterward, enroll in a two-year masters of science program at an accredited school.

Career: Material Science

Example: Cosmetic Chemist – When you apply your foundation, do you ever wonder how the ingredients interact with your skin? Have you ever marveled at the ability of certain creams to reduce wrinkles or thought about what causes mascara to lengthen your lashes? If so, chemistry just might be your calling.
Industry: Cosmetics
Salary: $59,000 to $92,000
How to prepare: Obtain a bachelor’s degree in physical chemistry or organic chemistry. Mid-career professionals should demonstrate experience performing analytical chemistry in laboratories.