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Stephen A. Smith Gives ‘First Take’ On Preference Between BBL Or Natural

"What would I prefer? Well, natural. I would like to state this because it's very very important."

ESPN‘s Stephen A. Smith rarely shies away from any topic and definitively responded to one inquiring about his preference regarding women.

On Smith’s latest podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” he took a brief break from speaking about sports, politics, and the daily news. An X user asked the commentator for his “Fast Take” on “bbl or natural” when it comes to the backside of women. Without missing a beat, he explains what the person was referring to before he answered.

He then says, “What would I prefer? Well, natural. I would like to state this because it’s very, very important. It’s no secret what I have a proclivity for. That has been the case all my life, my adult life, that is. Um, I have no desire to be with any woman as flat as me.”

He then breaks down that although people have their preferences, and he states, “to each his own,” he goes on to express his need for some curves and a woman having more “ass and t**s and for a woman to have “a lot back there.”

“But, if I got more As and Ts than you, nah. I’m on YouTube, I can say ass and t**s but I just didn’t feel like it. But if I got more of that than you, I don’t need you. I really, really don’t, I’m sorry, I just don’t. Some level of voluptuousness has to exist. I want curves. I mean, you can have some up here, I prefer a lot back there, no doubt about it.”

That was his public service announcement for the day. You can catch him and his unadulterated views on his YouTube channel, The Stephen A. Smith Show. At other times, he can be viewed on his popular sports show on ESPN, “First Take,” for two hours daily between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. or on the ESPN YouTube channel.