Steve Harvey Encourages More Black People Go Back to the Motherland to Visit Africa

Multimedia star Steve Harvey is encouraging Black Americans to go visit the homeland of Africa.

An Instagram account posted Harvey speaking about the virtues of Africa as he described several places within the continent that he suggested people visited.

The Family Feud host encouraged anyone who goes to the motherland to visit Ghana, Botswana, and Johannesburg. Those places, he said, will give visitors a better understanding of who they are.

“Forget everything you’ve ever heard,” he said. “After you go to Africa, you got to go to Ghana first, then you need to go to Botswana because you need to see what we… Botswana is the second richest diamond producer nation in the world–them Black people over there got something. And then you got to go to Johannesburg, that’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to do that jump right there. Once you see that, you’ll understand who we are.”

The comedian then discussed the misconception that some Americans have about African musicians “stealing” from us when it comes to music.

“Them Africans ain’t stole nothing from us! They talk about Burna Boy stole this? No. We stole from Burna Boy. Them Africans is us, man. They’re the beat. They the rhythm. They the soul. They the hard work. We get our courage from them. When you see them people, they look just like your family,” he expressed to the crowd.

Earlier this year, Harvey spoke about visiting Africa. When he appeared on The View, he expressed that he was in Africa conducting business. He created an African version of the Family Feud television game show. With his involvement, the show became the No. 1 show in South Africa and Ghana.

Go, Steve!