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Stock Trading Experts Create Fun Online Game to Teach African Americans How to Trade Options

Meet J.R. Fenwick (known as “The Stock FLipper”) and Eric V. Johnson (known as “The Options Professor”), the creators of an online game called FLip That Option. The two have been trading in the stock market for over 15 years. After meeting each other over 8 years ago and becoming fast friends and business partners, they have since helped over 35,000 people learn about the stock market.

Many perceive the stock market as too complex, time-consuming, and expensive to get involved in. African Americans lag behind others drastically when it comes to investing and trading in the stock market, which accounts for much of the wealth gap between Blacks and whites. J.R. and Eric are changing that. They specialize in teaching beginners a fun, non-complicated, and non-intimidating way to learn the stock market and become active traders.

Most recently they collaborated and developed “FLip That Option” a fun, easy, and interactive online game to teach beginners how to trade options. Trading Options offers the unique ability to make money daily and weekly which can be used to pay for bills, travel, or anything else you want to use the money for. Once you learn to play the game, it takes less than 5 minutes to place a trade during the day on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can even do it while at work.

“This is a skillset you can use the rest of your life and we are committed to teaching as many of our people as possible the valuable and life-changing skill of trading options,” says J.R. and Eric.

The FLip That Option game teaches what is an option, how to make money trading options, how to open a special account to trade options, how to find options to trade, and various option strategies, all while using the latest technology to trade.

Additionally, they have a private online community that includes live weekly training, teaching modules, live chat, and daily “thought bubbles” which are live commentaries about trading opportunities each day.

If you have ever wanted to learn about the stock market and trading options, now is your chance.

To learn to play the FLip That Option Game and generate income, visit FLipThatOption.com


This news first appeared on blacknews.com