‘Stop Being Ungrateful’: Master P Responds to Romeo’s Claims Against His Fatherhood

Master P is firing back after getting called out by his son Romeo Miller on social media over the weekend.

Romeo put his famous father on blast on Friday after seeing Master P’s social media tribute to dancer/actor Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who died by suicide last week. Romeo took offense to his dad’s public tribute to Boss in wake of the passing of P’s daughter/Romeo’s sister Tytyanna Miller, who passed away from a fentanyl overdose brought on by depression and substance abuse last May.

“Today was a boiling point,” Romeo wrote in his initial post. “I seen a man avoid his own children struggle with suicide and depression but post another man whom passed today that he doesn’t even know.”

“Yall idols be lost. Better stop following the blind. Watch when it’s revealed,” he added.

In response to Romeo’s post, Master P clapped back in a since-deleted post where he told Romeo to stop “blaming” him “for everything,” Hot New Hip Hop reports.

“This new generation of kids need to stop blaming their parents for everything,” Master P wrote.

“How do they think they got to where they are without their parents making sacrifices for them?”

The No Limit founder continued, “Mental illness is real and so many families are tragically affected by it especially when there is added trauma like death of a loved on [sic],” he wrote.

“Son, I love you. Stop trying to get people to feel sorry for you. And let’s come up with a solution. You can come talk to your father and your family, like a man, you have kids too. No family is perfect but together with God, we can heal and get through this.”

Master P has since posted an Instagram video addressing his son, saying in part: ” People gotta stop being ungrateful and place blame when they’re not where they want to be in life.”


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Romeo left a comment under his dad’s since-deleted post expressing the love and loyalty he had for his father all his life, while doubling down on his claims that Master P portrays a different image to the public than what he showed his children.

“I loved you so much that I followed you blindly for 30+yrs,” Romeo wrote. “You know we’ve talked behind closed doors. You aren’t the man who you paint to be and why is it war because I refuse to follow ur lead. You only want to protect your image, but the image isn’t even real.”

Romeo followed up with a poem about “The Tree of Trauma.”


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