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Stormi Steele First Creator To Hit $1M In Sales During Single TikTok Live Session

Being a part of TikTok history is a dream come true for the Canvas Beauty entrepreneur.

Stormi Steele, founder and CEO of Canvas Beauty, is the blueprint after becoming the first creator in TikTok history to reach $1 million in sales from a single live session on the platform.

This feat was revealed to overwhelmed Steele during a phone call with TikTok’s global team following her June 8 live stream. “To be the FIRST person and brand to accomplish this epic feat and being a part of TIKTOK history is a dream come true!” Canvas Beauty captioned a video of the live session on TikTok.


This occasion spotlights the transformative power of diversity and inclusivity in the digital sphere, exemplified by the Huntsville, Alabama, entrepreneur’s journey in reshaping and redefining the beauty industry through her voice.

According to a press release, Canvas Beauty’s Body Glaze line, has sold over a million units in its debut year.

Last year, Steele spoke with BLACK ENTERPRISE about her gift in making content that converts. “I’m very good at telling people and showing people in content and video format why they need a product, what it does, and getting them excited about it,” she said. After launching Body Glaze on TikTok shop, hordes of creators flocked to showcase the product, resulting in tens of millions of views across the platform.

The Love and Marriage Huntsville star founded her self-made Canvas Beauty brand in 2018, reminding customers on the company’s website that her brand is “deeper than vanity,” championing becoming “the highest version of yourself.”

“My obedience is connected to so many other people’s destiny, and I take that to heart the LONNNGGGG WAY!!!” Steele stated on Instagram. As she continues to make waves in the industry, Steele added she is thrilled to help other brands find success through TikTok.

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