Streamline Your Workflow With This Web Tool That Integrates All Of Your Communication Apps

Streamline Your Workflow With This Web Tool That Integrates All Of Your Communication Apps

The state of the digital workplace has drastically changed over the course of the pandemic. Organizations used to only mainly utilize email, chat apps, and file-sharing platforms for collaborating across teams, but now, they juggle a plethora of software to execute their respective deliverables and meet their bottom line. 

Pre-pandemic, reports show that employees switch apps more than a staggering 1,100 times a day and waste 1 month a year just hopping from one app to another, resulting in a decrease in productivity. The average number of apps used by the modern worker also clocks in at 9.39, and the figure is likely to have increased due to a spike in remote working setups. This leads to what is called app fatigue, an issue that workers face when their employers overload them with apps to supposedly help them perform better at their jobs when what happens is the complete opposite. 

Clariti is aware of this problem, which is why they have come up with a solution to make a big difference to the modern worker’s workflow. 

Streamline your workflow

You can spend less time switching between programs and more time getting tasks done with Clariti. Ideal for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners, it unifies all business communication programs in one place and links them together for enhanced productivity and organization.

Aside from acting as a repository for the apps you use on a daily basis, Clariti also provides links between new communications and existing emails or messages and organizes them using TopicFolders. With this feature, you can easily find the context in your daily correspondence instead of taking the time to search for information in multiple apps. Pertinent data can easily get lost in silos, and this feature eliminates that very problem.

Do everything under one roof

With Clariti, you can pretty much enjoy every communication channel in one place. Not only does it allow users to chat, but it also lets them send and receive emails, and call or schedule to-do and events. No more delays in emails and chats, as everything can be accessed under one roof. 

Built with small businesses in mind, Clariti also integrates features like email, chat, audio calls, to-do lists, calendar, OrbitChat, built-in document folder, feeds, viewers, search, security and safety protocols, and cloud storage. The best part is it doesn’t require you to download anything, as it works only with desktop browsers. 

You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to enjoy all these benefits. You can sign up for a Clariti account for free—no credit information needed. You can choose to upgrade to a higher tier if you please, but achieving greater productivity doesn’t come with a price tag.