Young Professionals: 10 Signs You’re Burned Out

Young Professionals: 10 Signs You’re Burned Out

Making the transition from school to work can be difficult. At first there’s enthusiasm and excitement about the new frontier, longer hours are put in, weekends are given up, and emails are answered after hours. After some time it could be taxing to keep up with the demands of longer days and shorter vacations. Young professionals also must deal with a balancing act between their social life and work. Knowing what your body can withstand is essential to making the transition smooth and preventing burn out. Forbes contributor LearnVest highlights ways a person recognizes and deals with burn out.

1. Exhaustion

A clear sign of burnout is when you feel tired all the time. Exhaustion can be emotional, mental or physical. It’s the sense of not having any energy, of being completely spent.

2. Lack of Motivation

When you don’t feel enthusiastic about anything anymore or you no longer have that internal motivation for your work, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing burnout. Other ways this manifests? It may be harder to get going in the morning and more difficult to drag yourself into work every day.

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