High School Student Caught on Video Beating School Worker Unconscious for Confiscating Nintendo Switch

High School Student Caught on Video Beating School Worker Unconscious for Confiscating Nintendo Switch

A disturbing video captured a student pummeling a school worker for taking a game console away from him.

According to a news release by the Flagler County Sherriff’s Office, the troubling incident took place at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, FL. A 6-foot-6-inch high school student assaulted a woman who worked at the school into an unconscious state after she confiscated his Nintendo Switch video game device.

The attack occurred on Feb. 21 when the angry 270-pound 17-year-old male student pounced on the unidentified paraprofessional employee. The encounter was caught on video and showed her being assaulted when the much larger teenager pushed her forcefully to the floor. He repeatedly hit her as she laid on the ground and even after others tried to intervene, he continued to hit her, although she was already unconscious.

He was placed in custody soon after the physical attack. The 17yearold student, who was not named, was taken to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility before being turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice. He has been charged with felony aggravated battery with bodily harm.

Other employees came to her aid and they grabbed the student to stop him from hitting her. She was not able to protect herself as he quickly pounced on her. She was taken to a local hospital and treated for the injuries she suffered.

“The actions of this student are absolutely horrendous and completely uncalled for,” said Sheriff Rick Staly in a written statement. “We hope the victim will be able to recover, both mentally and physically, from this incident. Thankfully, students and staff members came to the victim’s aid before the SRDs (School Resource Deputies) could arrive. Our schools should be a safe place for both employees and students.

A video of his arrest was placed on the police department’s Facebook page.

“Creating a safe learning and working environment on our campuses is critical. Violence is never an appropriate reaction,” said Flagler Schools Superintendent Cathy Mittelstadt