The Business of Looking Good: Style Expert Teaches Women How to Show Up and Present
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The Business of Looking Good: Style Expert Teaches Women How to Show Up and Present


People often say, when you look good you feel good. But personal style expert Morgan Wider says that there’s more to fashion and professionalism than that. And it’s what she refers to as the business of looking good. We met Wider at the International Day of Purpose during her workshop on the business of looking good where she helped women think about how they show up and how they present themselves in the workplace and in their everyday lives.

Her motto is, “Every outfit is an opportunity to transform your life,” and we agree. Wider has been styling and consulting with women and men about their personal style and brand for years as a way to help them SEE themselves. There is so much that goes into building your wardrobe, finding clothes that compliment your shape and size, and curating outfits that speak to your personal brand. And that’s where Wider’s expertise comes in.

Morgan Wider, Style Expert

If you are looking to make more of a statement with your style, try something new, or purge your wardrobe and get a fresh fashion start, Wider can help you with that. We spoke with her about how you can start your journey in your closet today so that you can step out anew tomorrow!

Start by Taking Inventory

There is so much that goes into the “right” outfit and looking presentable. Where would you say that women should start when they are looking in their closet and thinking of what they should put together?

The first thing for a woman to consider and the easiest to notice will be how much (or how little) color is in her closet. Color is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd, but most women get stuck in the rut of wearing black. If your closet looks like it’s in mourning, then the first step is to inject color! Try bright blazers, blouses, and shoes that add personality to black basics. And if you already have color in your apparel, start looking for unexpected color combinations. Try greens with blues, oranges with pinks. It’s almost impossible to have a bad day wearing color: and even if you are, you’ll probably get a compliment on your outfit and that will add some pep in your step!

What are the essential pieces that every woman should have in her closet?

That truly varies by every woman. Because each woman has her own stats: her body shape, her lifestyle, and her personality all determine what her staples are. And those change over time. The essential pieces are whatever the pieces are that make you always feel like the best version of you whenever you wear them, work for your lifestyle, and are the best quality that you can afford.

How does shape and size play a role in how women style themselves?

There is a big difference between shape and size. Your size is the number on a garment and is mostly based on your weight. Your shape is based on where you hold weight and the overall shape of your body. While your size often fluctuates, very rarely does your shape. Once you determine your body shape, you can then learn what clothing silhouettes flatter your shape and which silhouettes … not so much.  Size truly doesn’t matter. You can be a size 8 in one brand and a size 14 in another. Fit does. Nobody knows the size of your clothes, but they know when they don’t fit and flatter you.

Stop Using Comfort as an Excuse

Women tend to hide themselves in the name of comfort or for the sake of “wanting to look professional.” How can women show off their personal style and personality in a professional manner without having to tone it down?

If you’re hiding yourself for the sake of comfort, it’s time to realize that while style and comfort are not mutually exclusive, style does take some effort. And your image is absolutely worth the effort. Because if you’re not willing to invest the money and time into your wardrobe and yourself, how can you expect a boss or business partner to invest in you and your career or business? Buy clothes that fit your current body properly, add polish with jewelry, wear colors that get you noticed. Use your wardrobe to say that you deem your work important.

If you could do a virtual closet cleanse with women right now (assuming that they have the basics), what would you tell them to get rid of, keep, and add to their wardrobe?

  • Toss anything that doesn’t fit or flatter your body and/or looks worn or dated. Shoes age the fastest so toss anything from more than 10 years ago.
  • Keep everything that makes you feel confident, fabulous, and current.
  • Add color! Especially to your shoe collection!  A pop colored shoe adds personality to basics.

Here’s a freebie for all of you ladies who want to spruce up your style today!

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